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About Our Residential Concrete Cutting Process

If you’ve never called a local Boston residential concrete contractor, you might wonder about their services and when they’re needed for your property! A residential concrete contractor in Boston cuts, cores, saws, and drills various concrete surfaces both inside and outside a residential home.

Residential concrete cutting allows for the installation of electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, conduit, drains, and other features through concrete’s surface. Cutting concrete walls also creates openings for windows, vents, and utility hoses.

Concrete coring allows for quick and easy removal of broken and damaged concrete, such as around a driveway or sidewalk. Whatever your needs for concrete cutting, get in touch with expert, residential concrete contractors in Boston.

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concrete cutting boston

When Do You Need Residential Concrete Cutting in Boston?

There are many benefits to calling a residential concrete contractor for a Boston property! Consider a few quick reasons why you might need concrete drilled, cored, or otherwise cut:

  • Drilling through concrete allows you to run electrical and water lines through a porch or concrete slab patio. You can then enjoy outdoor lights, electrical outlets, and even a kitchen outside your home!
  • If your unfinished basement seems drab and dark, consider concrete cutting for new window installation, increasing both natural light and fresh air circulation in the space.
  • Concrete coring creates openings needed for drains and plumbing pipes. You can then install a utility sink or even a bathroom in your home’s garage or basement!
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How Residential Concrete Contractors Can Help

Broken chunks of a concrete driveway or sidewalk are dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. A broken or undersized concrete slab also increases the risk of damage to an air conditioner compressor.

Concrete cutting makes quick work of removing those damaged slabs without a noisy, messy jackhammer. Concrete coring along a garage floors also allows for a drain installation, reducing the risk of interior flooding and resultant water damage.

concrete cutting boston
concrete cutting boston

When is it Time for Residential Concrete Cutting?

Don’t go another summer without the exterior light needed to create a safe and cozy outdoor area for you and your family, or put off that needed utility tub or extra bathroom inside your home. Concrete cutting is a simple and affordable solution for installing lines and pipes wherever needed around your home.

Removing old, damaged concrete also improves your property’s curb appeal in an instant while reducing the risk of injuries outside your home. To keep your family and property safe, call our residential concrete contractors in Boston.


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Note that concrete cutting is quite different than cutting through other building materials around your property. Concrete is tough and dense and damages household tools easily.

Improper techniques and tools also increase the risk of broken chunks of concrete and damage to concrete you want to leave intact. Improper concrete cutting methods also mean tremendous amounts of unhealthy and bothersome dust!

To avoid these risks and ensure needed concrete cutting is done properly, rely on the local Boston residential concrete contractors at Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston.

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