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What Exactly Are Concrete Drilling Services?

Concrete drilling for Boston MA properties, just like drilling through wood and other materials, creates small, precise openings in concrete walls, floors, and exterior slabs. These access points are an excellent solution for running wires, conduit, and other small features through concrete walls, floors, and slabs.

Unlike drilling other building materials, however, concrete drilling requires precision and expertise as well as tools designed specifically for working their way through concrete! Professional concrete drilling ensures precise holes and openings while reducing dust and mess.

If an upcoming renovation project or needed repairs for your home or commercial property include working around a slab of concrete, drilling might be just the solution you need. Check out some added information about the uses and process of concrete drilling for Boston MA properties so you know if this is the right choice for your home or commercial property.

concrete drilling boston ma
concrete drilling boston

Explore The Benefits of Professional Concrete Drilling

Why would a homeowner or commercial property owner need concrete drilling? Note a few uses of this service so you know when to call Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston for your concrete drilling in Boston MA needs!

  • Concrete drilling creates a perfect opening for electrical wiring, plumbing conduit, or data and cable lines through walls, floors, and exterior slabs
  • Drilling creates openings needed for fasteners along concrete walls and ceilings, allowing you to hang light fixtures, exposed ductwork, and other such features and fixtures
  • For weakened or damage concrete, concrete drilling openings allow for new rebar and other structural supports, or for concrete patching
  • Concrete drilling also allows you to examine the interior of concrete slabs or areas behind them, to inspect for rust, mold, water damage, and the like

Whatever your needs for accessing areas of concrete or behind and under slabs, call the pros at Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston today!

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The Conveniences of Expert Concrete Drilling in Boston

As a homeowner, have you often wished you could have electrical fixtures and outlets along your home’s back porch or concrete patio? Would you like added outlets or a new sink installed along your home’s concrete basement walls?

Concrete drilling creates openings for electrical wiring and plumbing conduits, allowing you to add electrical outlets and switches, sink plumbing, and other fixtures and features against concrete walls or floors, inside and outside your home.

Business owners also appreciate the added convenience of electrical switches and outlets as well as utility sinks inside production facilities, warehouses, and other concrete construction! Concrete drilling also allows for easier removal of bolts and connectors without disturbing surrounding materials.

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concrete drilling boston

Don’t Put Off Concrete Drilling Services in Boston, MA

Once you’ve installed new wiring to your home’s back porch or that new sink in the basement, you might wonder how you ever lived without those conveniences! Concrete drilling is a simple and affordable solution for the electrical wiring, data cables, conduit, and other features in areas you might have thought were off-limits in or outside your home.

Your staff also deserves the convenience of added electrical outlets, while sinks also ensure easy cleanup of materials. Eyewash sinks throughout your facility also reduce the risk of liability suits from injured employees! Added light fixtures also improve safety and even worker productivity.

If your home improvement or renovation projects include working around concrete, call Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston before work begins. Our concrete drilling for Boston properties might be just the solution you need for added electricity and plumbing on your property.


Why Our Concrete Cutting and Coring Company in Boston 

Concrete drilling a Boston property is not a DIY job! Precise drilling for the size opening you need without disturbing surrounding materials takes experience and expertise. Why call us for your Boston concrete drilling needs?

  • Over 10 years of industry experience
  • FREE estimates
  • Customized solutions for every project
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Industry-leading tools and equipment
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Minimal disruption to your business

Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston is the area’s most trusted concrete cutting service in Boston, ensuring precise and exact cuts and full site cleanup after every project completion.

concrete drilling boston


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Our concrete drilling contractors offers a full range of concrete cutting services including flat or slab sawing, creating trenches and surface cuts over concrete. Concrete coring creates larger openings than drilling, for drains, large plumbing pipes, and access to buried tanks. Precise concrete cutting is also an excellent solution for adding windows, vents, and other fixtures along concrete walls or ceilings. Whatever your needs for concrete cutting, call the pros at Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston today!

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