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Accurate & Precise Concrete Cutting in Boston

Learn About Professional Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting refers to various techniques of cutting through slabs of concrete, or making cuts along its surface. There are a variety of uses for residential and commercial concrete cutting:

  • Concrete drilling creates small openings for running wiring or pipes through concrete, or to access areas behind concrete walls and slabs. Drilling also allows for easy removal of fasteners, fence posts, and other materials attached to concrete, without breaking up an entire slab.
  • Flat or slab sawing along the surface of concrete creates trenches that allow access to pipes and wires just below concrete’s surface, or that removes long, thin sections of concrete needed to install electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures.
  • Concrete coring creates larger holes in concrete, perfect for drain or pipe installation or accessing underground tanks and utilities. Coring also breaks up concrete without the mess and noise of a jackhammer, making concrete removal quick and easy!
concrete cutting boston ma
concrete cutting boston ma

Why You Should Hire Expert Concrete Cutters in Boston

Before you try to break through a concrete slab on your property with a standard table saw or rent heavy-duty equipment and tackle this job on your own, consider why it’s best to leave concrete cutting in Boston to the pros:

  • Imprecise cuts risk damage to adjacent walls or buried wiring and plumbing pipes
  • Undersized tools are likely to suffer damage or outright break during concrete cutting or drilling
  • Cumbersome, heavy-duty equipment risks breaking off chunks of concrete you want to remain intact
  • Professional concrete contractors in Boston reduce dust and mess during the cutting process

Protecting your property from damage and ensuring a precise cut without the mess and noise of a jackhammer and other equipment is worth the cost of concrete contractors in Boston! Whatever your concrete cutting needs, call Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston today. 

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Why Cut Through Concrete?

Homeowners and commercial property owners may find they need concrete cutting on a Boston property more often than they realize! If you’ve never scheduled concrete cutting on your residential or commercial property before, note a few of its uses:

  • Concrete drilling provides small, precise openings for electrical wiring, plumbing conduit, and data cables
  • Concrete flat sawing allows for installation of wires and pipes just below concrete’s surface, or access to buried utilities running through concrete slabs
  • Concrete cutting provides openings in a structure’s basement walls for windows, HVAC and appliance vents, utility hoses, and other features
  • Concrete coring provides larger openings for drains and pipes, or for removing concrete slabs without the mess of a jackhammer

If repairs or upcoming renovation plans for your home or business work around a slab of concrete, either inside the structure or on your property’s grounds, call Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston for professional sawing and drilling before work begins!

boston concrete cutting
concrete cutting boston

Don’t Put Off Needed Concrete Cutting in the Boston Area

Concrete cutting services from the experts at Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston allow you to finally run electrical wiring to your home’s back porch or connect an automated sprinkler through concrete basement walls. Concrete coring in the garage or basement also allows drain installation so you can relocate the washer and dryer, or install a new sink and even a full bathroom in the space!

Call us for professional concrete coring on a Boston commercial property as well, for removing broken and dangerous slabs of exterior concrete or create access points needed for underground tanks and pipes. Concrete cutting also allows for the removal of rusted signage connectors, old and damaged fence posts, and other materials installed in concrete footings, with minimal disturbance to surrounding materials and surfaces.


Why Choose Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston

For the highest-rated, most professional concrete cutting in Boston MA, turn to the area's leading concrete contractors.

  • Over 10 years of industry experience
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  • FREE estimates
  • Full service concrete cutting and drilling

Whatever your needs for residential or commercial concrete cutting in Boston MA, Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston ensures no detail is overlooked and that your property is safe from damage during the cutting process. When you want the best concrete sawing and drilling in the area, get in touch today.

concrete cutting boston


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Many Other Concrete Cutting Services Available

Whether you need full concrete slab removal on a commercial property or precise concrete drilling for a Boston home, call the highest-rated company in the industry, Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston. We offer FREE estimates and including full-service concrete cutting and coring, flat sawing, concrete coring, and all other concrete cutting services you need to have done.

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