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What Is Concrete Coring & Core Drilling?

Concrete coring for Boston properties is a simple and safe solution for boring large holes through various sections of concrete. These openings are an excellent choice for running plumbing pipes and other large fixtures through concrete walls, floors, and exterior slabs.

Local Boston concrete coring is also a preferred method of breaking up concrete, versus a clumsy sledgehammer or cumbersome and loud jackhammer! Concrete coring cuts a precise hole through concrete, allowing you to remove damaged sections, rusted connecters, and other areas of concrete without disturbing surrounding materials and surfaces.

Concrete coring is available for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces and provides minimal mess, noise, and disruption. To learn more about concrete coring and its application for your residential or commercial property, call the pros at Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston today!

concrete coring boston
concrete coring boston

When Should You Get Concrete Coring Services?

Concrete coring in a Boston home offers a perfect solution for adding a drain to a garage or basement floor, to help avoid flooding and resultant water damage. Concrete coring through concrete walls also allows for the installation of windows, air purifier vents, and other such fixtures and features.

Weakened or damaged fences might benefit from added posts and pillars. Concrete coring creates the opening needed for pouring new footings for posts, to keep fences secure and looking their best!

Broken concrete is unsightly and a tripping hazard for both residential and commercial property owners. Coring those sections of concrete allows for easy removal of the material, without the noise and mess of a clumsy jackhammer!

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The Many Reasons To Get Residential Concrete Coring

As a homeowner, have you ever dreamed of installing a new bathroom in the basement but dreaded the idea of having to build new walls and flooring to cover plumbing pipes? Concrete coring through your home’s basement walls and floors allows for plumbing pipe installation, as well as new electrical lines.

For basements, garages, and other concrete floors prone to flooding, consider concrete coring for a new drain installation. A new drain protects your home and property from water damage and the risk of resultant mold growth. Concrete coring also allows for the installation of a new sink along a basement wall or in the garage!

Concrete coring also creates openings perfect for windows and vents. If you’ve always wanted a finished basement but worried about a cave-like appearance, consider concrete coring for a Boston home, to add windows and enjoy sunlight and fresh air in your space!

concrete coring boston
concrete coring boston

Get Commercial Concrete Coring & Core Drilling Today

Commercial concrete coring on a Boston property also provides openings needed for drains and plumbing pipes, something to consider for production facilities, warehouses, and other commercial structures. To add underground tank access points, consider clean and simple concrete coring!

Broken concrete slabs are unsightly and dangerous especially for a commercial facility, but don’t assume you’ll need to tolerate the mess and noise of a jackhammer for concrete removal! Concrete coring removes individual sections of concrete quickly and cleanly, allowing for easier removal of entire sections of concrete.

Concrete coring is also a great solution for removing signage and other fixtures with rusted bolts and connectors. Rather than cutting away those bolts and leaving rusted and unsightly concrete slabs behind, consider concrete coring, to remove a concrete section and make space for new concrete!


Why Choose Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston?

Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston is the company to call for all your residential and commercial concrete coring in Boston and surrounding areas. Our professional concrete cutting contractors offer over a decade of experience and we use only the latest, industry-leading equipment and tools.

Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston also offers FREE estimates for all concrete coring in Boston. Our team will also gladly answer any questions you have about the concrete coring process and recommend the best method of concrete cutting and drilling for your property.

All work performed by our licensed contractors is fully guaranteed. Whether you need concrete coring, flat sawing, drilling, or other cutting and removal, rely on our dedicated team to do all the work on-time and to your complete satisfaction.



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Concrete Cutting & Coring Boston is the company to call for all your local Boston concrete cutting needs. We provide full-service concrete drilling, flat or slab sawing, coring, and all other concrete cutting, for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you need a new drain run through a concrete garage floor or the removal of broken concrete slabs. For more information about our concrete services, give us a call!

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