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Concrete breaking in Boston is best left to the pros here at Concrete Cutting and Coring Boston. Improper concrete demolition risks property damage and creates lots of dust and debris. On the other hand, using the right concrete breaking tools makes removal fast and easy.

If there’s damaged or otherwise unwanted concrete on your property, reach out to our team. We know how to break up concrete quickly and with minimal mess. Additionally, our state-of-the-art tools ensure the quietest possible concrete removal process.

Before you go out and rent a concrete hammer or other equipment, contact our crew. We’ll schedule a free inspection and price quote at a time convenient for you. We’re also happy to answer your questions, so call us today!

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When to Schedule Concrete Breaking and Removal

When do you need concrete breaking and removal on your property? Check out a few reasons to consider professional concrete demolition:

  • In some cases, older concrete is simply beyond patching and repairs. Removal allows for new concrete installation.
  • Concrete installations close to structures or other obstructions need professional removal! Attempting to break up this concrete yourself can risk costly damage.
  • Property owners might struggle to remove large concrete chunks from their property. Consider breaking down that concrete into more manageable pieces.
  • If you don’t know what’s underneath the concrete, schedule professional breaking and removal. You don’t want to hammer through power lines or plumbing pipes or create unsafe excavations.
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How Do Professionals Perform the Breaking?

Concrete breaking isn’t as simple as some property owners might assume.

  1. First, a contractor needs to inspect the property and have a utility company check for buried lines and pipes.
  2. Second, a contractor might use specialty chemicals to soften concrete. Also, concrete hammers aren’t always the tool of choice for contractors today. Instead, specialty drills cut through concrete without the same vibration and mess as hammers. Other tools can grind top layers or cut trenches into concrete for easier removal.

Note, our team uses the best tools and cutting methods for the job at hand! We customize the process for every property to ensure fast, safe, and clean concrete cutting and removal.

cutting for concrete breaking and removal
a contractor performing concrete breaking Boston

Trust Our Team for Your Concrete Needs

If you have cement or other material on your property that needs removal, call us about concrete breaking. We are the industry leaders in concrete coring, drilling, grinding, and more. Our team ensures safe, thorough concrete services, including breaking and removal.

Additionally, we train our team in both expert concrete cutting and outstanding customer care! We’re happy to answer questions about your property’s condition and needed concrete services. Above all, we endeavor to maintain competitive pricing for all the services you need to have done.

For all these reasons and more, why not call us when you need concrete breaking and removal services? We’re happy to prepare a no-cost quote and explain your options and our processes. For more information on concrete services for your property, call now!



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When it comes to concrete cutting and coring, no one beats our team. We offer expert cutting and removal services as well as grinding and trench creation. To find out more or for a FREE price quote, reach out today.

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